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The Knight MMO Simulation Game

You play in the Middle Ages

It begins in the year 1404 on August 3rd and is located in a valley surrounded by forests.
The situation threatens to tip over and the battle of the Hamme is subject to an army of knights under Gerhard VI. of the free Dithmarsch settlers.
From now on you determine the course and can still change the story.
The first thing you have to do is hire new residents who will collect gold, food, stone and wood for you.
You need a resident for each production. First, collect a lot of food and gold
to be able to hire several residents and then expand your buildings into your own settlement.
When building buildings, the energy from the inhabitant will decrease. You can do this as soon as your own
Church is built to be increased again.

In order to give residents strength, strength or faith again, you can buy various potions with your collected gold in the church.
The church and many other buildings must be built by you!
You can create your own medieval guild as soon as you have met the requirements,
or you can join an existing medieval guild.

Have fun!

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