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Terms of use

1 game account

1.1 In order to play this free, it is necessary to accept these terms of use.
1.2 The Medieval Game is Absolutely free .
1.3 No player has the right to participate in The operator is allowed to deny a player access to the game at any time without giving reasons, or to exclude them again during the course of the game.
1.4 Each player may only use one account per game world, so-called multi-accounts are not allowed. (see next point)
1.5 Unfair intervention in the game is prohibited. Accounts that are only used to promote other accounts (also known as Funding accounts) are prohibited.
1.6 If several players / accounts share internet access (e.g. at work, at school, in the internet cafe, at home, etc.), they must report all accounts that are also playing from the same internet access to the game management.
1.7 "Account sitting" / "Account sharing" or the passing on of your own access data is not permitted.
1.8 Account change
1.8.1 The transfer of accounts (account change) is only permitted with the approval of the administration.
1.8.2 Every request to transfer an account must be made via the support system from the account that is to be transferred. You must specify who is taking over the account.
1.9 Every player has the right to delete his account if he no longer wants to play it.
1.10 The free membership can be done with a short e-mail to the operator "Subject: delete account - medieval game" at The entire account will then be irrevocably deleted and cannot be restored.

2 rules of conduct

2.1 The instructions of the administrators and their authorized representatives must always be followed.
2.2 At the player has the opportunity to communicate with other players within the game and in the forum.
2.3 The operators assume a cultivated tone in the sense of good morals. Messages and posts from a user with insulting, pornographic or racist content can lead to the immediate deletion of the account. The same applies in the event of a violation of applicable law.
2.4 The use of names or the creation of content (including texts and images) that is directed against a person's racial or ethnic origin, gender, age, political opinion, religious or philosophical convictions, union membership, health or sex life is prohibited.
2.5 In any case, the player is responsible for his own actions and if these rules are violated, he will held liable.

3 errors in the game / cheating

3.1 Errors (bugs) must be reported immediately and may not be used for your own benefit or for the benefit of other users.
3.2 Bots, scripts or other tools that influence games are strictly prohibited. The operator reserves the right to make claims for damages when using tools that damage the game.

4 Scope and rule violations

4.1 The rules apply to all players.
4.2 Attempted rule violations can also be punished.
4.3 The rules of the game apply to all areas of the service that are provided by the operator or where the operator has administrative influence. Under certain circumstances, a player / account can also be punished in the game for rule violations that he has committed, confessed or announced in external projects that have to do with the service (e.g. forum, chat, ...).
4.4 Punishments are decided at the discretion of the administration and its authorized representatives.
4.5 If there are indications that a player has or will violate legal requirements, the rights of third parties or the rules of the game, the administration or its authorized representative can take the following measures: 4.5.1 Warning the players or a cooperative.
4.5.2 Reduction and / or deletion of game content or values.
4.5.3 change, delete or deactivate in whole or in part content and profiles.
4.5.4 Publication of the misconduct with the name of the player or the cooperative.
4.5.5 Temporary or permanent blocking of a player for the individual services or for all services of the provider.
4.5.6 Issue of a temporary or permanent virtual house ban.
4.5.7 Termination of the license agreement without notice.
4.6 Other legal and / or contractual rights remain in place even after possible penalties.
4.7 There is no entitlement to the lifting of bans, exclusions, virtual house bans or other measures.
4.8 If a player has been banned or excluded, he may not register again without the prior consent of the administration.
4.9 The attempt, regardless of success, to make an unfair profit from the decisions of the administration is prohibited.

Severability clause:

Should a provision of this contract be ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions is not affected. The parties undertake to replace an ineffective provision with an effective provision that comes as close as possible to this provision.


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